Hart Of Home


Monday, January 17, 2011

The Changes in me!

  I was looking at my profile that I have not changed since I first created this blog a few years back.  I was looking at my favorite movies, music, and books and realized that most of them had changed.  I no longer like the same movies, music, or books.  I realize now that I must hear, see, and read all things that glorify God not my own pleasure but God.  Not that I do not enjoy what I listen to or read or watch, I just now enjoy it more when it glorifies my Creator!

  It is amazing to me how in a few years time God has really changed me, inside and out!  I am a new and improved woman!  I love my Lord and I want everyone to know and I want it reflected in all I do.  I love that He has changed me so fully and given me such peace and joy that I am no longer into the same things I once was.  I had been raised a Christian and had always thought I loved the Lord but then in the past two years He showed me how mislead I was.  I did love Him, but it was not the deep all consuming love that he wants from us, it was a superficial, surface love that I went through the motions for.

  I love that God is changing me to be a better woman to serve Him, and to be a better mom and wife.  I think that shows how awesome He is in all he does!

In God's Love Meaghan