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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Changing Focus

  I am switching the focus of this blog.  I know it means I might make a few mad, uncomfortable, and sad, but I have to write what I feel God is leading me to.  In this case it's abortion.  The more I stand against it the more I see the world is not.
  I have always been pro-life.  I have always felt that babies deserve life and that adoption is always an answer or keeping a child and raising it yourself.  Like I said I have always been for life and I always stood on the side lines shaking my head and not doing anything about anything.  That changed in 2008-2009.  That is when I was pregnant with our first daughter.  That is also when I started going back to church and God changed my life forever.
  I was home with three children and one more on the way and I was not happy and I felt in my heart that that was wrong and needed to change.  I knew that getting involved with church could help, God knew only He could.  I started going to women's Bible studies and then I started reading my Bible.  Then I started going to a Sunday School class and meeting new people.  I met a woman who's mom runs a Pregnancy Center that helps girls who are pregnant and not sure what to do and are scared.  I then learned that she was going in front of an abortion clinic and holding signs and praying for those going in and those that never came out and for those that did come out, never the same.  I asked her if I could come on a day that she went and I have gone every Saturday morning that I am able.
  The thing that is funny about God is when you are doing His work, is that is starts with a small quiet flame and then grows into something that consumes you, but in such a good way.  Also the closer you get to God and the more you are doing what God calls you to do; the more you are uncomfortable and challenged.
  I want to be in front of that clinic every morning because this Dr. preforms abortions every morning.  However we only go on Saturdays, because of being moms and having kids of our own to raise.  So we go every Saturday that we can.  The more I want to be there to pray and try to change the minds of the women going in the more I find it challenging to be there.  Whether it's a illness, a meeting my husband had last minute, or as silly as this is a friend inviting me to do something early on a Saturday.
  The good news is that God is in all of this and all things to His glory!  So even though I have missed a few Saturdays here and there my friend who started it all has started going without me and we now have another friend coming and possibly more to follow.  God has His hands on this and even though we do not see the fruits of our labor we stand strong that God is in control and sees it all.
  The purpose of this and of all future posts is to document what we see, what we do, and how God uses us to save the unborn who have no voice.  First I want you to watch www.180movie.com and then go to abort73.com.  Then I would like for you to keep following.  I will not only post what we do and see but I will start posting news articles and stories as well.

In God's Love Meaghan

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Changes in me!

  I was looking at my profile that I have not changed since I first created this blog a few years back.  I was looking at my favorite movies, music, and books and realized that most of them had changed.  I no longer like the same movies, music, or books.  I realize now that I must hear, see, and read all things that glorify God not my own pleasure but God.  Not that I do not enjoy what I listen to or read or watch, I just now enjoy it more when it glorifies my Creator!

  It is amazing to me how in a few years time God has really changed me, inside and out!  I am a new and improved woman!  I love my Lord and I want everyone to know and I want it reflected in all I do.  I love that He has changed me so fully and given me such peace and joy that I am no longer into the same things I once was.  I had been raised a Christian and had always thought I loved the Lord but then in the past two years He showed me how mislead I was.  I did love Him, but it was not the deep all consuming love that he wants from us, it was a superficial, surface love that I went through the motions for.

  I love that God is changing me to be a better woman to serve Him, and to be a better mom and wife.  I think that shows how awesome He is in all he does!

In God's Love Meaghan

Friday, December 10, 2010

Want you!

So since my three year old was two he has always said, Want choo!  It is always when I am not able to hold him at that moment, of course.  He wants me when I am cooking, going to the restroom, helping another child, and so on.  For a long time, I am ashamed to say, that it really got on my nerves and I just wanted him to leave me alone even for a moment.  Now I am happy to say it brings a smile to my face and I tell him to hold on a moment and then I make time for him on the sofa for a little while; because that is all he really wants is for me to hold him for a few minutes and then he runs off to play.

Well David did it again this morning and I was washing my hands and then trying to do something else, but I stopped what I was doing (although I finished washing!) and I sat on my bed and held him for a little while.  It all reminded me of how blessed we are to have the Lord God on our side!  We can pray to Him whenever we want and say Want You and He's there!  He does not tell us to wait or hold on, He will listen to us whenever we may need Him.  How awesome and amazing is that!  He is willing to be there at a moments notice for us and stays with us for as long as we need him.

Can you think of the last time you did that with one of your children, your spouse, or a friend?  Or how about the last time you did that for Him?  When is the last time you sat to just listen to the Lord?  During my quite time with Him today he opened my eyes to the fact that I need to actually sit in quite with Him to hear what he has to say to me.  Not to squeeze Him in when I can but to really sit and spend my quality time with Him.  I hope today you take time to listen to the Lord and then the time to listen to those around you who Want You!

In God's Love Meaghan

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas School

  I hope this Christmas season is finding you all well!  It has been fun around here.  I know a lot of homeschool moms take a break and focus on the holiday season rather than book work.  I have actually been doing both.  I have cut back on our day to day schooling so that we may focus on why we celebrate this season.
  So now we read more books about Christmas and I even bought a book with Bible stories having to do with why we celebrate Christmas.  I am baking more goodies and we are watch a few more Christmas movies.  I am trying to just spend more time with the kids instead of trying to keep them working on school.
  I am looking forward to Christmas there year and I am trying to find ways for the kids to give more and not expect so much.  It's hard because I will admit we have spoiled them in the past and trying to back away from that is difficult.  I would love to hear from any of you on ideas on how to get children to be more selfless and less selfish.
  Merry Christmas everyone and I pray that you all have a very blessed one.

In God's Love Meaghan

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What a Season!

  Wow what a season it has been; not just as in weather but in life too!  We started our homeschooling adventure in August and have been going nonstop.  It has been a lot of fun but boy does the time fly, even more so with all my children homeschooling now.  Jack my first grader is adjusting I think well, we have days were it's a struggle and days were it's fun and wonderful.  We are doing Five In A Row with Jack and it's been pretty good, although I have figured out that I need something with a little more direction and a little more organized.  Don't get me wrong Five In A Row is a great curricula but for me I need something that is not so vague.
  Andrew is actually going to a non-traditional school.  It's called Veritas and we LOVE it!!   I might even send Jack there when he is gets into the higher grades himself.
  It's getting close to Thanksgiving and (gasp!!!) Christmas, so we are revamping what we are going to do.  I am going to focus the entire month of November to what Thanksgiving is and why we celebrate it, then I am going to do something similar at Christmas.  Then in the New Year I am going to do Five In A Row with my three year old David and then start a new curricula with Jack that is still more reading but laid out with more detail for me.  I have also decided that we are going to do less field trips, only because I feel so behind when we do and lately we have been doing a lot of them.
  I am changing the subject real quick here too.  I have started making my own yogurt and granola, which has been really nice.  I have also been making Ezekiel stew for the family, this last time I made it I had two crock pots going and a huge pot on the stove.  I am going to freeze a good bit of it and that way in pinches I can take it out for us to have for dinner.  I have also made my own chicken stock which I used in my Ezekiel stew.  I have felt like a pioneer woman with all the things I have been making from scratch.  If only I could sew better, I would make more clothes and maybe a quilt. ;)  Thank you again for reading and I hope you and yours are having a very blessed day.

In God's Love Meaghan

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Run out of Food to talk about

  Hello everyone out there.  I know it's been awhile since I have written anything, it's just that there has been little for me to write regarding food.  Yes we are always eating and cooking and baking, but it's just that I am a creature of habit and we eat and fix food the same way a lot.  
  We have been going to a local farmer lately and getting our veggies and fruit from him for the week and pretty cheap too.  It's actually been really nice, we cook the veggies and eat them with a little salt, pepper, and butter.  So it's been very simple and easy to do meals that take virtually no time for us to make for our large family.  
  I have however been reading a lot.  I stated reading a Francine Rivers book called "A Voice In The Wind."  I just want to say what an amazing book.  I am not a new Christian but I have to say that, that book opened my eyes to what God calls on us to do.  It has transformed my prayer life!  I pray now constantly where as before I prayed when I remembered I needed something ( I am ashamed to say).  Now I pray and just talk to God all the time.  It has helped me so much, I feel happier, lighter, and just made my life better.  The little things in my life that drove me crazy or mad or angry now just don't.  I can get through my days better.  Now I am not saying that because of my prayer life that my life is golden all the time.  I have my days and I pray harder on those day.   
   I think another aspect that has helped me to grow in Christ is my increased involvement in my church.  I had always viewed church as something to help me, not for me to help or be a part of.  All of that changed for me one day when a woman from our church called and asked me to help with something they needed help with.  I helped that one time and than after that I knew it was what God was calling me to do for his people.  I think that God calls all of us to serve and help in whatever ways we can, we all have special and unique gifts that we can offer, that help in many ways.
  I know I was kind of all over the place today, it's just been one of those days for me, plus I am just an all over kind of gal.  I jump around in conversations like my kids jump around my house.  Not sure if that is ADD, being a mom, or what but it is what it is and I am trying to get better. 
Good night all,

In God's Love Meaghan

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sourdough Bread

  I know I just posted, but I have something else on my mind that I just need to get out.  It's minor really.  I came home last night and had tons of energy but felt like I had tons to do since I had been gone all day.  I sat down with my sick two year old and he would not let me get up.  So my amazing husband knew that one of the things I needed to start on was sourdough bread so he offered to help.  I already mixed the starter and some wheat and water the night before as you are suppose to.  Than he mixed the milk, honey, butter, and salt for me and heated it.  You than need to let that cool to room temp before adding to the other mixture.  So we let it get to room temp and I mixed in the remaining wheat to start the rising process.  For those who know nothing about making sourdough or any bread it is a six to seven hour long process once you heat the milk.  So after the first rise I started falling asleep.  It was only 8 or 9 at night but I just could not keep my eyes open any longer.  So very disappointed and worried about what would happen I placed my sourdough in the fridge.  I was worried that it would not rise properly the next day.
  So skip ahead to today.  I pulled the sourdough out of the fridge and set it on the stove to get back to room temp and than to rise at least one more time before baking.  I did that, than I hand made little loafs for sandwiches and than one bigger loaf in a loaf pan for cutting slices for toast and such.  I covered them and let them rise, this is when I was worried that the dough would just remain the same.  It did not however, it rose!  I was so excited and happy to see that my sourdough came back to life and rose to look like nice loaves.  I am not sure exactly how they will turn out, they are in the oven now, but the fact that they rose a third time and rose so well gives me great hope!  I am looking forward to us having this bread for lunch tomorrow and maybe even breakfast!