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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What a Season!

  Wow what a season it has been; not just as in weather but in life too!  We started our homeschooling adventure in August and have been going nonstop.  It has been a lot of fun but boy does the time fly, even more so with all my children homeschooling now.  Jack my first grader is adjusting I think well, we have days were it's a struggle and days were it's fun and wonderful.  We are doing Five In A Row with Jack and it's been pretty good, although I have figured out that I need something with a little more direction and a little more organized.  Don't get me wrong Five In A Row is a great curricula but for me I need something that is not so vague.
  Andrew is actually going to a non-traditional school.  It's called Veritas and we LOVE it!!   I might even send Jack there when he is gets into the higher grades himself.
  It's getting close to Thanksgiving and (gasp!!!) Christmas, so we are revamping what we are going to do.  I am going to focus the entire month of November to what Thanksgiving is and why we celebrate it, then I am going to do something similar at Christmas.  Then in the New Year I am going to do Five In A Row with my three year old David and then start a new curricula with Jack that is still more reading but laid out with more detail for me.  I have also decided that we are going to do less field trips, only because I feel so behind when we do and lately we have been doing a lot of them.
  I am changing the subject real quick here too.  I have started making my own yogurt and granola, which has been really nice.  I have also been making Ezekiel stew for the family, this last time I made it I had two crock pots going and a huge pot on the stove.  I am going to freeze a good bit of it and that way in pinches I can take it out for us to have for dinner.  I have also made my own chicken stock which I used in my Ezekiel stew.  I have felt like a pioneer woman with all the things I have been making from scratch.  If only I could sew better, I would make more clothes and maybe a quilt. ;)  Thank you again for reading and I hope you and yours are having a very blessed day.

In God's Love Meaghan

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