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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Changing Focus

  I am switching the focus of this blog.  I know it means I might make a few mad, uncomfortable, and sad, but I have to write what I feel God is leading me to.  In this case it's abortion.  The more I stand against it the more I see the world is not.
  I have always been pro-life.  I have always felt that babies deserve life and that adoption is always an answer or keeping a child and raising it yourself.  Like I said I have always been for life and I always stood on the side lines shaking my head and not doing anything about anything.  That changed in 2008-2009.  That is when I was pregnant with our first daughter.  That is also when I started going back to church and God changed my life forever.
  I was home with three children and one more on the way and I was not happy and I felt in my heart that that was wrong and needed to change.  I knew that getting involved with church could help, God knew only He could.  I started going to women's Bible studies and then I started reading my Bible.  Then I started going to a Sunday School class and meeting new people.  I met a woman who's mom runs a Pregnancy Center that helps girls who are pregnant and not sure what to do and are scared.  I then learned that she was going in front of an abortion clinic and holding signs and praying for those going in and those that never came out and for those that did come out, never the same.  I asked her if I could come on a day that she went and I have gone every Saturday morning that I am able.
  The thing that is funny about God is when you are doing His work, is that is starts with a small quiet flame and then grows into something that consumes you, but in such a good way.  Also the closer you get to God and the more you are doing what God calls you to do; the more you are uncomfortable and challenged.
  I want to be in front of that clinic every morning because this Dr. preforms abortions every morning.  However we only go on Saturdays, because of being moms and having kids of our own to raise.  So we go every Saturday that we can.  The more I want to be there to pray and try to change the minds of the women going in the more I find it challenging to be there.  Whether it's a illness, a meeting my husband had last minute, or as silly as this is a friend inviting me to do something early on a Saturday.
  The good news is that God is in all of this and all things to His glory!  So even though I have missed a few Saturdays here and there my friend who started it all has started going without me and we now have another friend coming and possibly more to follow.  God has His hands on this and even though we do not see the fruits of our labor we stand strong that God is in control and sees it all.
  The purpose of this and of all future posts is to document what we see, what we do, and how God uses us to save the unborn who have no voice.  First I want you to watch www.180movie.com and then go to abort73.com.  Then I would like for you to keep following.  I will not only post what we do and see but I will start posting news articles and stories as well.

In God's Love Meaghan