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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The art of bread making

  I never thought I could make good bread, but alas I was wrong!  For once I am glad I am wrong.  I have been making bread on my own for a good four years now.  I started by buying flour at the grocery store and making it in my breadmaker.  Than in the last two years my neighbor got me into grinding my own wheat and making it all from scratch.  So with this new found diet I have been making everything my self, even bread.  It was turning out okay but not great.  I could not figure out what I was doing wrong.  My sourdough bread turned out great but bread I made in my breadmaker was too dense and not moist enough.  So I figured out my problem.  I was using the dough making setting on my breadmaker and than just baking it in my oven.  What I was not doing was letting the dough rise after it came out of the breadmaker. So that one extra step of letting it rise for only thirty minutes was making a better bread!  Eureka!
  I love how God designed for us to make things, how there is a science and an art to making and creating food!  I love how there is a reason and purpose behind all that is around us, even if means waiting thirty extra minutes to let my bread rise so that it may taste that much better and be that much lighter!  I now have a wonderful loaf of bread that I can make sandwiches with and toast and all kinds of goodies!

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