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Sunday, April 25, 2010

A shift in message!

  I am going to change gears a bit today and talk about something else that I am passionate about!  My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  I realize that I am shy to talk about that at times because I have so many friends who are unbelievers or just "unsure."  I however am sure and not ashamed that I love Jesus Christ and that I read my bible and that I am a believer!
  I went to a Beth Moore conference on Saturday at a church close to me.  It was amazing, to have so many women in one building all there for the same purpose to worship in His name!  Beth Moore talked about saying so long to insecurity, which is the same title as her new book, which I bought while at the conference.  This conference is one of many that I shall attend until I am unable to walk or get out of my home!  It was as I have stated before amazing, wonderful, and powerful!  I find the more I do in my church or through bible study the closer I feel to God.  Which I have found in my journey to be true for most Christian women.  We all have a hunger and need to be with the Lord but lack the discipline to do it ourselves day in and day out.  So the interaction and relationship with our fellow women, help us to not just stay connected to Him but to build bonds through Him!
  I know I am rambling but I have a lot in this brain lately that I need to let out, so bare with me!  The conference was how we all need to know that Jesus loves us for who and what we are, no matter how we have sinned or how we feel or look!  That we need to stop looking everywhere to find security for ourselves and start looking toward Him!  There was A LOT more that she said than that, but that's what it was about in a nut shell!
  I urge you to look to Jesus to fill your heart and heal it so that you can be more secure in Him.  I know it's not easy, believe me, I started praying this morning that God would help me to be a more secure woman and for me to see that He loves me no matter what I do or think or say!  For me that fills my heart with such joy that it feels like it might burst!  I also urge you to look into this book by Beth Moore, or any of her books she has written, which is several.  She is an amazing woman of God!  I am on my own journey to be an amazing woman of God and I KNOW with Him by my side I will be!  Thank you for reading today and God bless!


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