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Thursday, April 1, 2010

My new look on life

  I recently have a new look on life!  First I have recommted my life to Jesus Christ!  I also have decided that God gave us this earth and provided us with all we need from it so why not use what he gave us?  I have stopped giving my kids boxed cereals and pretty much anything that is boxed for that matter.  Their breakfast consists mostly of eggs and toast with jam or pancakes or a breakfast bread of some kind.  I thought that my four kids would revolt against me, but they have taken to this change rather well.  So far the only complaint has been from my six year old who said this morning, "Not pancakes again."  I just laughed and told him most kids would love pancakes all the time.  
    On top of cooking from scratch, I mill my own wheat, make kefir, and fermeint all kind of things in my kitchen now.  It's like a little lab.  I make sourdough bread pretty regularly and in fact that has become one of our favorite breakfast breads.  I have not joined a CSA yet, but I am going to very shortly.  The one I want to join is from a farm very close to my home, but I have to pay a lump some up front.  It's worth it I just need to save up.  My goal?  To not buy food from the store anymore.  My goal is for us to get veggies and even meat from a local farm.  I already get our milk and eggs from a farm that is in my general area.  
  My husband has been so very supportive through out me changing our diets.  He has even taken to helping me with diner.  Which is awesome! I am not a cook by nature and my husband is an amazing cook!  He can take a few things and whip them together to make the most delish thing you have ever had.  
  I am going to start blogging about my experience with our new diet adventure.  I am one of those that needs a recipe, now weather I follow it or not is another matter, but I at least need one in front of me.  I hope you enjoy my blog as I enjoy making new things and posting what I make. 

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Anonymous said...

I have been doing almost the same thing as you...I've started making over our diets too and the kids (for the most part) have responded well. Once I really started to read labels and realized how processed everything is, I too felt that God has provided us with what we need and since He has also provided me the opportunity to be home with my two children I need to start going homemade natural and fresh.